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This is my penultimate post for NaPoWriMo. I’m using a prompt given by Michelle of Poefusion and Poefeti. Michelle has been a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration (even more than usual) during April and I’m sure that all of us on the Poefusion Blogroll are grateful. Thank you Michelle! The prompt is the first line from a poem by Emily Dickinson. Click on the logo to read more poems and find a link to the poem the line comes from.

Bring me the sunset in a cup.
Let me imbibe its heady vapours
to dizzy my brain
with myriad colours
in high definition.

Bring me the sunset in a cup.
Let me hold it in my hands:
Lets its warmth makes me tingle
from the tips of my fingers
to the tips of my toes
as it acquaints itself
with my topology.

Bring me the sunset in a cup.
Let me be like a wine taster
as I savour the last drops
before it quietly
slips away.


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I have used the Friday 5 to write a poem, using the Monday Mural as its inspiration. The Friday 5 are: votive, moulder, distractions, punctuate and splinter.

A mound,
a stump
crossed by a branch
which stabbed a splinter
into the palm of his hand
as he ripped it
from the mouldering tree
– the backdrop.

Crow’s cries
punctuate the air.

A girl in diaphanous dress
holds a plastic parasol,
buffeted by the wind.
A boy in white T-shirt
and khaki shorts
stands beside her.

The cries of crow
are not distractions to

their votive ceremony
sealed with a blot of ink
on a scrap of lined paper
torn from an exercise book.

A mound,
an effigy in diaphanous dress
holding a plastic parasol
– the foreground.

Crow has settled:
his cries no longer
punctuate the air

watercolor by leontinemay, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

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The luc-bat has alternating lines with 6 and 8 beats and a rhyme scheme that includes internal rhymes. For Michelle’s fuller explanation click here.

I have to admit that my poem is somewhat derivative. I’ve been reading a lot of Yeats’s s poetry and as i was writing I realised that these lines were going through my head:

An aged man is but a paltry thing,

A tattered coat upon a stick…

W B Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium.

Thirteen lines

The sky above was grey,
before me stood an aged crone,
frayed tissue hung on bone,
mumbling in monotone to me,
You will never be free,
as long as you carry that charm
Her words set off alarms.
A trinket to deflect harm, how could
it do other than good?
If I had understood her wish
was not to admonish
I would have relinquished my need
of irrational creeds.

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This one was fun to write. It’s movie titles with a few words of my own.

Strangers on a train
at Darjeeling Limited.
There will be blood.

Romeo and Juliet
for the big sleep
and I’m not there.

Prospero’s book
left on the beach
with Bridget Jones’s diary.

A midsummer night’s dream
about a boy or
maybe it’s love actually.

Four weddings and a funeral,
much ado about nothing
that’s what it’s all about, Alfie.

Pirates of the Caribbean
went back to the future.
Gone with the wind!

Shakespeare in love
spirited away by
the phantom of the opera.

Strictly ballroom leads to
Saturday night fever for
Mrs Henderson

Ladies in lavender
are calendar girls
for your eyes only.

The titles are pretty obvious but, just in case you can’t work them out, they are:Strangers on a Train, Darjeeling Limited, There Will be Blood, Romeo and Juliet, The Big Sleep, I’m Not There, prospero’s Book, The Beach, Bridget Jones’ s Diary, A midsummer Night’s Dream, About a Boy, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Much Ado About Nothing, Alfie, Pirates of the Caribbean, back to the Future, Gone with the Wind, Shakespeare in Love, Spirited Away, The Phantom of the Opera, Strictly Ballroom, Saturday Night Fever, Mrs Henderson, Ladies in lavender, Calendar Girls, For Your Eyes Only.

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There was I thinking what an amazing vocabulary Michelle has – until I realised that this Friday’s 5 at Poefusion are all nonsense words. Well, I’m no Edward Lear or Lewis Carroll and I’m ashamed to offer today’s poem. The prompt words are: caprussule, mozzle, cack, skrey, and glureon. A snippet of information for our trans-Atlantic friends. I am somewhat clumsy and I might be described as cack-handed.

Let me lead you to a space
where inhibitions have no place,
You can dazzle, you can dizzle,
shake your mozzle, slap your wizzle.

Just look deep into a gold caprussle,
do not resist or use your muscle,
in its muntle-coffeled seems
you’ll find planishment for dreams.

In an out-of-town red shack
behind a screen that’s blue and black
the grice have built a stack
of crenellated cack.

At the closing of the day,
when the skrey have gone away,
the best part is left to last.
It’s the glureon repast!

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