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Thank you Read Write Poem for mentioning that Carol Ann Duffy is joint favourite, with Simon Armitage, to be the next poet laureate here in the U.K. I used a phrase from her collection Rapture in my collage poem on day 22 of NaPoWri Mo. The present laureate, Andrew Motion, has done much to promote poetry with the Poetry Archive, but although there are some female poets, Duffy and Jackie Kay (also included in the betting) are not included. Both, however, can be found on the British Council site and Famous Poets and Poets, which also features American poets.

Today, I have written a list poem using Andy Sewina’s American Sandwich, which is based on Allen Ginsberg’s American sentence (17 syllables like the haiku). Andy lives in the Manchester area of the U.K., which is where I have my roots. The prompt at Read Write Poem is ‘seeing red’. I’ve given my American sandwich a British flavour by making it red white and blue. If I had more time, I would have worked at the rhythm more.

Red blooded, ruddy, robust, violent tempered, bolshie, leftie, Marxist
White skinned, Caucasian, bloodless, blanched, ashen, pure, clean, whitewash, coward
Blue blooded, patrician, profane, racy, risqué, dejected, down, sad.

P.S. I couldn’t make the ‘white’ white as you wouldn’t be able to read it.

And my Naisaiku, also with a red theme.

the last day of April
with thirty blossoms blooming
with thirty poems written
the last day a party



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This is Read Write Poem’s prompt. I can’t find any inspiration in cars so I’ve chosen an actual road trip. It”s quite along story but I haven’t the time to tell it so I’ve tried to encapsulate it in a Fib (both ascending and descending). I’ve also attempted to rise to the Naisaiku challenge in a re-write.

rust red
rust red dust
flying in the air
as the car bumps over potholes.
Half way between Mombasa and Nairobi we join
the long queue for the toilet  but
we peep and move on
no petrol
no time

By the way, in this case, truth was kinder than fiction…I did catch the plane. I was with my elder son, who was driving, and has a reputaion for cutting it fine when it comes to arriving at airports. He missed the plane when he was flying from Bangkok to Taiwan for the birth of his son. Fortunately, the baby waited.

bump, bumping along
red rust dust roads with pot holes
building up tempo
building up tempo
red rust dust roads with pot holes
bump, bumping along

Naisaiku challenge

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