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I have used the Friday 5 to write a poem, using the Monday Mural as its inspiration. The Friday 5 are: votive, moulder, distractions, punctuate and splinter.

A mound,
a stump
crossed by a branch
which stabbed a splinter
into the palm of his hand
as he ripped it
from the mouldering tree
– the backdrop.

Crow’s cries
punctuate the air.

A girl in diaphanous dress
holds a plastic parasol,
buffeted by the wind.
A boy in white T-shirt
and khaki shorts
stands beside her.

The cries of crow
are not distractions to

their votive ceremony
sealed with a blot of ink
on a scrap of lined paper
torn from an exercise book.

A mound,
an effigy in diaphanous dress
holding a plastic parasol
– the foreground.

Crow has settled:
his cries no longer
punctuate the air

watercolor by leontinemay, originally uploaded by anongrrl.

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Artwork by Nubia1515 at Photobucket

Washed up by the sea,

Watchful eyes

Witnessed the birds’ tryst

The beautiful picture and the poetic form, lune (5,3,5 syllables) have been provided by the resourceful Michelle at Poefusion.

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My poem Stitch Up can be found on my Disturbing the Dust blog

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fairy music


Fairy by MariposaViajera at Photobucket

This week I’ve decided to combine the Monday Mural and the Friday Five from Poefusion. The words are kempt, string, dilated, vinegar and mural.

after the string of his bow broke

he cleansed the wound with vinegar

from an alabaster bottle

called his kempt hounds to order

pressed on in the moonlight

beguiled by fairy music

played on the harp

by the beautiful creature

first glimpsed

in a mural

dilating his heart.


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‘birds’ by dreyertjie at photobucket


The Hag

In moonlight, swans pivot
positive and negative images,
watched by the old hag,
crouched in the cloisters,
screaming her awful midwifery,
whilst beneath the promontory of her nose,
silver fish belch from her mouth
to swim upwards into the cerulean light.

Queenie with shrunken dugs,
delivers dreams
of what humans seek

but never find.

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