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The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory in Clay

I am currently writing a poem for ReadWrite Poem based on Christine’s ‘Word fishing’ prompt. I have five words taken from five different poems in Derek Mahon’s Selcted Poems, which seem to have lead me to think about Plato’s allegory of the cave. I’ve chosen this adaptation from quite a numberof short films on YouTube, not because it’s the most faithful to Plato’s Republic but, because it best represents the way I’m thinking and I like the clay figures. Hopefully, I’ll post an early draft of the poem tomorrow.

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Pleiades for Poefusion

This is my first post for some time and it’s influenced by the financial situation. Listening to the news this morning here in the UK, our government’s action in allowing Lloyd’s TSB to take over HBOS, does seem to have had the desired effect, but I am uneasy about bigger and bigger companies. I will nail my colours to the mast: I blame Mrs Thatcher and her free market capitalism for many of our current problems but recognise that much of what is happening is global and outside our control. I’ve just finished writing a 6 000 word project for an Open university course on post-colonial literature, which, together with seeing family, is why I’ve been too busy to blog. Thanks to paisley for glossing the words. According to my dictionary, ‘flivver’ can also mean ‘small, cheap, usually inexpensive car’.


Find asylum far from
fricative choruses,
frowsy executives,
fledgling capitalists,
failing companies. Drive
far that flivver. Eat
farl. Escape. Embrace. Engage.

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