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Easter card

These are the words for Friday Five at Poefusion: gravel, straw, ochre, crash, yoghurt.

Car wheels crunch on gravel drive
– squeals and laughter –
Jamie thuds to the floor,
totters through the open kitchen door
– both hands fully loaded.

paints on her twilight face
– hears the crash.
Framed by an upstairs window,
sees raspberry yoghurt
spray one crisp, creased trouser leg,
whilst the daub of straw and yellow ochre
find its niche among the daffodils.


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Reflecting reflection
dark corners of reality –
ripples on the surface
obscure vision.

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The prompt words are shell, comic book, discarded soapbox, rubber soles and postcard. These words seemed to be telling a story. Thanks again to Michelle at Poefusion.

All you took was a comic book.
Wearing a pair of rubber soled shoes,
you plugged in your ipod,
walked out through the front door
and out of my life.

A month later you sent me a postcard
of the London Telecom Tower
telling me it was time
I discarded my soapbox.

After two months you sent another from
the Post office Pavilion in Washington.

Each month
I received a postcard
from a telecommunication building
at a different destination around the world.

A year later
you sent a letter.
(Well I think it was from you.)
It was postmarked ‘Mombasa’.
All that was inside was a shell.

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Abstract by haironie_91 at Photobucket

An eclectic storm

shakes interstellar space,


pulsating image

in magnificence

– phantasmagoria

in rainbow colours

inhabits the witching hours

whilst all around are sleeping.

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